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Happy Father’s Day 

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He’s been able to accomplish many things as one of the most feared Fables in history. Armies have fallen in terror to his great wind, self proclaimed mighty beasts & giants cower in fear to his mighty stature. He’s brought terror to thousands of Fables & he’s done so with great confidence. All know his name, all know he’s a force to be reckoned with.

But if you were to ask him, out of everything he’s done in all the centuries he’s lived, out of all the countless lifetimes, what’s the best thing he’s done? What has he done to be the proudest he’s ever been?

Fathering his seven children.

Six baby cubs, all with their individual personalities, all different but yet share similar qualities from bother their parents. A zephyr, although hidden from the rest of the world, wisps through the household & though he doesn’t have a physical body he’s loved by his family all the same.

They’re his little monsters. They’re his flesh & blood. They’re the products of the love between him & his soulmate. They don’t fear him like the rest, they don’t run away. They love him, adore him, look up to him.

So if you really were to ask him about what’s brought him the most satisfaction?

It’d be these seven little bundles of happiness.

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